Toddlers and Teens: Are they acting the same?

October 30, 2023 by Mia in Family

I was on the internet the other day and came across a video where a mother explained that 12-, 13-, and 14-year-olds often mimic behaviors of 2,3-, and 4-year-olds. I found that to not only be hilarious, but somewhat true depending on the child. 

She stated that two-year-olds: say no, talk back, push boundaries, and are sneaky which is the same as twelve-year-olds.  For three-year-olds she stated that: they want freedom and independence and have mood shifts like thirteen-year-olds.  Lastly, for four-year-olds she stated that: they’re extremely independent, they are all knowing, and they believe that the parents are not smart.

If like me, you have had both a toddler and preteen/teenager; they literally need to be parented very similarly.  They are both grasping for the same sense of self at different stages in their lives. They need to be given grace, patience and love as well as wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discipline.  Both the toddler and the preteen/teenager do not realize that there is always more to learn.  They also don’t realize the honorability and the overall benefits of being disciplined, which is that it keeps you focused, regulates self-control and leads to greater self-satisfaction. Do you feel a little better now papas and mamas now that you know the similarities in these two age groups?  I sure did!