Growing Together with No split Ends

January 29, 2024 by Mia in FamilyHairLove

Everyone in our family has textured hair, that ranges from loose curls, tight curls to locs.  Textured hair is very fun hair to have, try different styles and products on. Although we do have our staples hair products that we like to use, it’s fun to try new products! Besides the various textures we have and products we use, among our hair tings are fairy knots. So, let’s talk about fairy knots!

What are fairy knots?  If you, like me, have curly or wavy hair you might be familiar with those little knots. Fairy knots are knots that form at the ends of your hair when the ends are split.  A split end is when hair becomes thin and fragile. The hair begins to split like a tree branch or some may say a fork.  There are about four different types of split ends that I am aware of. I have probably had all of them! 

The first two are the tree split and the fork split, which I mentioned above. The next two types of split ends are the double split where the hair ends split and form a shape like a “y” and the partial split which is a milder form of the double split and doesn’t do that much damage.   The thinned hair (which becomes thin for a variety of reasons, like harsh chemicals, tight hairstyles, using a regular towel vs. microfiber) then begins to wrap its strand around other healthier strands of hair and forms a knot. 

Unfortunately, the best way that I deal with these obnoxious little annoyances is to cut them rather than pull them out. I usually cut these fairy knots while detangling or combing my hair.  By cutting them off sooner, rather than later; I can avoid long-term effects. These effects can become permanent such as more thinning and ultimately bald spots.  Showing hair love is an essential for healthy hair strands. It will allow hair strands to grow together rather than apart; you know kind of like a family.