Building Bridges

December 18, 2023 by Mia in FamilyGriefLegacyLove

I once knew a woman who was married with children, and she gave her all to her family. Of course, watching her journey was inspiring. Her children and husband could depend on her for their needs and wants. She fixed breakfast, lunch, dinner, cakes, pies and cookies and other special snacks and sweet treats.  She brought her husband his lunch and/or dinner to his job.  She chauffeured her children to and from school if they didn’t want to ride the bus. 

She coddled her children from their every fear and encouraged their dreams and goals. She herself was brilliant.  She could have been anything.  I mostly imagine her being a world-renowned doctor, nurse, lawyer, philanthropist, or esthetician with her own beauty line (she had the most beautiful skin and an amazing beauty routine). 

However, as much as she would keep a smile on her face and a sense of inner joy.  I wondered if she was truly content with her status quo. I wondered if she imagined or could put herself in a place of greatness rather than the somewhat mediocrity, she lived in.  I wondered if she would have or could have pushed herself to greatness beyond what the people closest to her even imagined and what that would have looked like.

She was kind and giving but didn’t have any close friends.  She was not alone, but she was lonely.   I imagined in the best of circumstances her touching an innumerable number of people. In a world where connections matter, I imagine her creating real world change.  She was the kind of individual that people would listen to.  She could build bridges that would not break.   I believe that the guise of inner joy would have resonated more if she had the ability to step outside of her comfort zone.  In doing so, she would have been allowed to increase her understanding of the art of building strong and meaningful relationships, which ultimately would have become the cornerstone of her personal growth and happiness.