Love + Respect=Family Success

January 15, 2024 by Mia in FamilyHealthLegacyLoveMental Health

Famous actor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and most known as an NBA player, LeBron James knew that he wanted to be a family man (great father, husband/provider) when he grew up. Although his father walked out on him and his mother, he wanted to be the change he did not see.  Moreover, he was surrounded by those who were actively in the place that he wanted to be.   

With the support of his mother, his coach and his friend’s parents who were married, he was able to fuel this desire and ultimately become successful in his family life and career.  He knew that it would take work, dedication and an overall commitment to himself and the ones that he loved to fulfill this goal. Looking at our own family we know that perfect doesn’t exist. However, we realize that if each one of us does our part there is nothing that we can’t do to accomplish our dreams and we can do it together.

One of the key things to creating successful relationships is nurturing love in our relationships. Nurturing love requires conscious effort, understanding, and compassion to foster lasting and fulfilling bonds.  There is also a mutual respect that is needed. When these two components are aligned, the fluidity in the ways a relationship can grow and improve is outstanding. What are some ways you cultivate lasting and fulfilling relationships?