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Introducing Lana Mama, the talented and creative member of the LTLF crew who has been showcasing her artistic abilities since the tender age of four-year-old. This comedic and joyous artist has a passion for music, beat-making, cooking, writing songs and poetry, and creating art. Lana finds solace in creating and believes that it is a medium where one can freely express oneself without worrying about how it looks.

In addition to creating, Lana also loves to dress up and make a statement wherever she goes. From lip gloss to jewelry, cute outfits, hair, nails, and dresses, she ensures that she looks and feels her best at all times. Lana is a violinist and enjoys her favorite subject in school which is science, and when it comes to reading, only good books make the cut.

Music is Lana’s true passion, and she loves to sing. She also likes to make beats, which inspires her to make more music. In her own words, “The process of making a beat makes me feel free and it’s dope.”

When she’s not making music or leading her class, Viva can be found learning how to use social media to market and play volleyball. She also loves to read; her favorite genres are mystery, adventure, and reading scriptures.

With her infectious energy, Viva Diva is an artist who will inspire and uplift any audience.

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