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Meet The Fam


Meet Viva Diva, the young and talented rapper/singer/songwriter who started rapping at the young age of six years old.

Viva is an amateur skater girl who loves to create music with her family. Her favorite aspect of music is producing the visuals that bring the songs to life. She has a knack for turning her thoughts into reality, and it shows in the art that she creates.

In addition to her rap skills, Viva also plays the viola and has been playing for over three years. She aspires to greatness and takes joy in checking off each accomplishment along the way. She is a natural leader who formulates ideas to bring the best results that benefit everyone.

When she’s not making music or leading her class, Viva can be found learning how to use social media to market and play volleyball. She also loves to read; her favorite genres are mystery, adventure, and reading scriptures.

With her infectious energy, Viva Diva is an artist who will inspire and uplift any audience.

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