Security Box

October 16, 2023 by Mia in FamilyHealthLegacy

So, Daddy Jay O recently purchased some firesafe/waterproof boxes.  I call them security boxes, because once you place what you feel is important inside of them, you gain a sense of security.  Now I’ve heard the question; if you could keep a few important items in the event of an emergency what would that be?  The various answers have been tools, makeup, food, tweezers, pictures, money; among other things. 

As you can tell, the range of what people value is very interesting.  The only way that they’ll really be able to know if they made the right decision is at that moment when they look at the few important items that remain.  For some, they will be elated at the choices they made and for others it will be a moment of shear fear that they are not prepared and there’s nothing they can do about it.  

Even as I write I start to think about some of the things I need to take out of my security box and some things I need to add.  Preparation is key to having a sense of security. It ensures that we’re not caught off guard.  In addition, there is peace of mind that we receive when we’re prepared, and it empowers us to face any circumstance that comes our way. Are you preparing your security box?