Plan A

September 4, 2023 by Mia in DiscussionMusic

Many of us grow up with the thought that you must have Plan A, B, and C.  But what if we only focus on our Plan A, which is usually our initial dream of what we imagined ourselves to be? What if we put forth all our time, discipline, energy, sweat, blood, tears, and finances into our dream which is Plan A?  I’d like to think that Plan A’s fund more Plan A’s. I’d also like to think that some of the innovators of our time had a Plan A thought, conceptualize it until it became real and ultimately made it a success. 

That Plan A that they formed is often used to fund a new Plan A like what Elon Musk did with Zip2,, SpaceX, and Tesla not to mention the other companies he bought out. All to say that when we halfway follow Plan A only to then follow the plan B or C rule, we can often come out less fulfilled and only find ourselves trying to figure out how we can get back to Plan A.  You see how this all works?  We should have just worked on Plan A; life would probably be easier.

In our song, Planned Event, ( there’s a lyric Lana Mama says, “Like Mary, with a little bit of Martha, present with the day, but also things that I long for, I choose what’s important making innuendos, plan our end goals, success will follow where our end goes, we shine so bright people peeping out they windows.” Hey, I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that having a Plan A leads to following your dreams and there’s so much joy that is felt when doing so.  So, get going!