The Grass is Now Greener, On my side!

April 29, 2022 by Mia in DiscussionMusic

Who can live your life better than you can? No One! Oftentimes, we are looking up to, mimicking, wishing or longing for someone else’s life journey. And more often than not we don’t really know the details of what we’re wishing for. Our better lives happen when we tend to our own well-being. Whether it’s a better education, great physical health, sound mental health we must tend to the garden of life that belongs to us. The great thing about tending to our own is that we can make it as beautiful as we want and as it grows into its healthy state we can share and spread that beauty with others. I would love to beautify my natural nails without any extras, but, in order to do that I must first eliminate my bad habit of biting them. There is no possible way that I will see real progress if I continue to destroy that which I want to grow. Albeit it’s only nails, it’s still a journey that I’ve been on and one of which I want to prove to myself that I can conquer. You too, can do the same with whatever it is that you want to make better in your garden of life; and know that I’m rooting for you! Additionally, check out our song “Follow Your Dreams” now streaming on all media platforms!