Time to Elevate

April 20, 2022 by Mia in DiscussionMusic

If you’ve ever had a yearning in your soul to change your life into what you always dreamed of then do it now! For so many years I wanted to write. About what you say? About, everything I love (my family, my babies, my interests, etc.) but I felt that no one would want to read about it. However, I found that not to be true, once we started our LTLF Facebook page and YouTube channel. Our village, you, were interested and rooting for us to live our best lives. It’s because of your support, prayers and encouraging comments we are here to give you so much more. This year we are excited to put out more music! We just released two songs that we are so proud of “Summer Is My Vibe” and “No Caps!” Now we are preparing for more music soon to come, so we’ll definitely keep you posted. What are you excited about accomplishing in this season? Please share it with us, we would love to encourage you all as well!