March 29, 2022 by Mia in DiscussionMusic

To properly invest in oneself, one would have to consider the time, patience, quality of that investment and the willingness to engage in the investment. As a wife and mother, among the many others titles I hold, self-investment has been one of the most difficult things to consistently add to my routine. There is always, I will do it tomorrow; when it’s me-time related, I can find a way to unselfinvest. Yes, I just made that up, and it was underlined in red because it wasn’t in the dictionary, so I know I did! If I need to write or paint my nails, etc.; I will put it off to do the girl’s hair. If I need to wash my hair, I will put it off until everyone goes to bed so that I won’t feel rushed. Yet, I realized, that there are times where self-investment needs to happen right in the midst of the crazy so that everyone can go to bed at a decent hour and feel refreshed the following day. There are just two things that need to take place. The first is to develop a routine and let everyone know. The second is to follow the routine. Eventually, everyone will see that you are serious about your self-investment and will follow suit to respect the time that you have allotted to fulfill that investment. Let me know your thoughts and other helpful ways to self-invest. How do you self-invest?