March 25, 2022 by Mia in DiscussionMusic

“In everything give thanks.” Thessalonians 5:18  There is just something that expressing gratitude not only gives your creator, but it brings so much joy internally and a love/joy combination to others. My perfect morning routine consist of getting up when all the world is quiet, putting on the hot water for tea, warm milk or coffee and sitting down next to the window, with daylight on its way while I do my devotion. It’s even better when I’m able to stay consistent, it brings me so much peace and a great start to my day. You may like to do yoga, listen to music, get coffee/journal and this may bring you the same kind of feeling that I receive. If you are already in the habit, awesome, you can totally relate. If you are not, please start right now, like get offline now, now meaning as soon as you finish reading this post for today! Find a way to consistently show gratitude as long as you’re living and breathing on this earth. I feel like negativity is an absolutely free weight that holds you down. However, gratitude is the uplifting antidote to that weight.