Love Is Everywhere

February 12, 2022 by Mia in DiscussionMusic

There is often this superficial expression of love that is exhibited in the media and our society as a whole. However, love is more. I believe it’s implicitly beautiful. It’s an absolute, sometimes verbal or nonverbal, action or inaction, physical or nonphysical feeling that you get an overwhelming joy from or sadness when it goes away. In addition, each individual has a unique way of expressing love and accepting the love they receive. Sometimes it’s just the look towards your spouse across the room and just knowing that they know it’s time to go. Sometimes it’s thejoyous feeling of love when yousee the reaction on your parents faces after you share with them a goal you’ve accomplished. I get a happy love feeling whenever Princess Yemi shows us each one of her new accomplishments, I especially remember the greatest of her going to the potty all on her own!

Oftentimes love is not so pretty or perfect. In spite of any failures you’ve had, it is an amazing to still feel the love from others that give you the strength to try again. Last Valentine’s Day it looked and felt different from the previous years. Many people had lost loved-ones, quarantined alone or were separated from the family and friends that give zest to our individual lives. However, find a way if possible, to reach out to those who need to feel loved. You never know; you may be just what they needed.

In addition, if you have that special someone, that you want to express your love to, we have the perfect song to add to those feelings of love called,“Huckleberry Raindew,” now on all streaming platforms. We hope you enjoy and feel loved too!